the unique stories of the 5 tribes that endured the trail of tears

the cherokee, choctaw, chickasaw, creek and seminole are 5 tribes that suffered the trail of tears. for some tribes the suffering was worse than for others. and there were those that had the will, opportunity, and determination to fight back successfully. the entire story of the trail of tears is so vast that the effort to report it all here is near impossible. we are providing, in tribute to each of the 5 tribes, a brief version of their unique stories and some links that will take the interested to more information.

You will also find links to relevant websites and items of interest to those that are invested, as we are, in knowing our stories and our heritage.

Note: Your humble webmaster is working diligently to provide the best, most accurate, and most sensitive to the peoples we are paying tribute to, information about the trail of tears, so as to keep it in remembrance. I am a student of these histories but I am not an historian nor an authority. I am always ready to learn more and to responsibly correct any misinformation that may exist in these pages. If you find issues or have concerns please contact me.