giving thanks

over the past 27 years there have been so many people that have supported the effort to commemorate the trail of tears and the riders that have participated in these events. so many, in fact, that it is impossible to list all of them in these pages of giving thanks. we started with a simple, humble desire to remember those that suffered... and those that endured... and those that survived. and we should not be surprised at how this effort has grown because it is a thing that is done for good.

that is what often comes out of great tragedy and suffering. despite how evil seeks only to destroy, good overcomes and something wonderful is created. we have watched how tens of thousands of people have come together, in response to a great tragedy in our history, to build something powerful. riders come from all over the country... even all over the world... and they experience and they remember. And they go back to their homes and they tell their friends and loved ones and the knowledge grows. there is a famous saying, 'those that do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.' we intend to make sure that everyone remembers the history of the trail of tears.

so here in these pages of giving thanks we seek to honor all those that are given to making sure that everyone knows and everyone remembers. and we thank you for being here to remember with us.