Thanks to state leaders

there is so much to give thanks for when we consider how things have changed for the better. we see healing from the travesties of the past when leaders, driven by conscience, come along side us to do the right thing. some of our governors and other state leaders have done much to promote and support the trail of tears commemorative ride. in the story of the trail of tears it was those in authority in our governments that did much to oppress but now we see some in authority doing what they can to promote healing and reconciliation. they have our thanks.

Alabama governor Robert Bentley

Governor from 2011 to 2017

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's 2014 Proclamation

alabama governor kay ivey

governor from 2017 to present

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's 2020 Proclamation

Chattanooga tn mayor ron littlefield

mayor 2005 to 2013

Chattanooga Mayor Littlefield Proclamation supporting the ATTOTCAI Route to Waterloo