Thanks to native americans

We have worked with many indian organizations over the years in the development of the Trail of Tears commemorative motorcycle ride. below are some of the most prominent but over time we will add more to this page and give some special recognition to those organizations and individuals that have been so important to this effort. The gracious assistance that we've been given is so deeply appreciated. This commemorative ride is about remembrance but it is also about reconciliation. And we are blessed to be invested in this effort with our native american brothers and sisters.

air - american indian resources

United Cherokee AniYunWiYa Nation

in support of the town of Waterloo and the State of Alabama.  Alabama Indian Affairs Commission has hostedthe POW WOW at Waterloo since inception.

1531 Blount Avenue

Guntersville, AL 35976


State of Alabama - alabama indian affairs commission

Alabama Indian Affairs Commission has been instrumental in all aspects of the success of this event. The State of Alabama, Alabama Indian Affairs Commission has coordinated the Intertribal POW WOW at Waterloo since inception. AIAC was created by a State Of Alabama Legislative Act. The Alabama Indian Affairs Commission (AIAC) represents more than 38,000 American Indian families who are residents of the State of Alabama.

771 South Lawrence Street
Suite 106
Montgomery, AL 36130(334) 240-0998 


TOTA – The Trail of Tears Association

The Trail of Tears Association (TOTA) is a non-profit, membership organization formed to support the creation, development, and interpretation of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Designated as a national historic trail by Congress in 1987, the Trail commemorates the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their homelands in the southeastern United States to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1838 - 1839. In 1993, the Association entered into a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) to promote and engage in the protection and preservation of Trail of Tears National Historic Trail resources; to promote awareness of the Trail's legacy, including the effects of the U.S. Government's Indian Removal Policy on the Cherokees and other tribes (primarily the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee Creek, and Seminole); and to perpetuate the management and development techniques that are consistent with the National Park Service's trail plan.


412 N. Hwy 100 Suite B, Webbers Falls, OK

The Chickasaw Nation

The mission of the Chickasaw Nation Museums and Collections is to reclaim and preserve our past and to carry our heritage into the futureby providing a means to educate the Chickasaw people and public.

Chickasaw Nation Headquarters

520 E. Arlington

Ada, Oklahoma 74820

(580) 436-2603

The Cherokee heritage center

The Cherokee Heritage center has been one of our destination points on the Allen Ward Memorial ride. it is currently closed and is coming under new management. the heritage center is a museum and cultural history center and presents many beautiful historical facts and crafts of the cherokee people.

21192 S Keeler Dr, Park Hill, OK74451

(918) 456-6007

james gilliland flutes

James Gilliland, a friend and supporter of the Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride, is the first and only flute maker to have a flute played in outer space.

“One of my river cane flutes was played on shuttle flight STS-113 and played aboard the space station. That flute was placed into the American Indian museum in Washington two weeks ago along with an Eagle feather that flew with it. I am attaching a copy of the Smithsonian news.

If you’d like to buy a flute the flutes will be 6 hole River Cane flutes and will be in the key of F#. The flutes will be concert tuned and lacquered.