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historic images
pictures of rider's and supporter's family members

Photos from Our Motorcycle Rallies in Alabama

The exciting motorcycle rallies in Alabama, hosted by Trail of Tears are a great way to gather to celebrate the lives of our ancestors, make new friends, and enjoy the freedom that only comes from riding down those long roads on your bike.

Thanks to our photo gallery, we are able to share with you some of those moments from our motorcycle events as well as historic images of family members we have lost, but have never forgotten. Come and join us as we look through pictures from past rides, of the beautiful scenery on the route, and of family members of our riders and supporters.

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An Indian on an Indian

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featured rider image

From Michael Odom (Spotted Feather) President of Iron Warrior Ministries

"You see my vice president (Papa) has made this ride every year since I first invited him. He’s 81 this year and 11 days before the ride he had a major heart attack. They lost him 5 times and brought him back on his way to the hospital in Mobile where he had 4 stints placed in his heart. When he woke up after surgery the first thing he asked the Dr. was “will I be able to make the ride?”. Even with his chest covered in bruises, I was not about to let a little weather dampen our ride and I surely wasn’t going to let him down either. We had a blast and we’re looking forward to next year, Lord willing. So again thank you for all of your hard work and making this a special year for the true riders!"

Papa and Spotted Feather

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