andy woods - our celebrity Barney Fife

andy woods aka 'Barney Fife' is a man from fort payne, alabama who looks, acts, sounds... and in all apparent regards is barney fife. At least he's our local barney and a big supporter and long time friend of the trail of tears commemorative motorcycle ride. He is always on site at the kickoff party in bridgeport and is a delightful addition to the celebration. He's got one bullet in his pocket, drives a classic ford police car, and he completely captures the spirit of barney! And he will give you a ticket! (if you ask him nicely)

here barney is issuing me a citation for, parking illegaly, impersonating a superhero, and generally being suspicious! and look at that ticket he issued!! I think he may be a bit full of himself with his picture all over that ticket... well... it's barney after all.

Alabama news center did a great piece on andy and you can find it here. and here's andy's facebook page.

This good brother is a blessing to the ride every year and we dearly appreciate him. When you see him at the kickoff party... be sure to thank him for all that he brings to the celebration!