the history of the ride

2021 - 22


Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2021 28th Annual Trail of Tears Commerative Motorcycle Ride. weather hampered participation in the ride but our hardy supporters came out to make it a good time. As Ike Moore says, 'We experienced the tears of our forefathers!' WE had good support from many law enforcement agencies that provided escorts through much of the ride in north carolina this year and then from waterloo, through tennessee and into arkansas.

Also thanks to those that participated at the Ceremony in De Queen, arkansas to honor Allen Ward with the memorial plaque. And a special thanks to the 'Brother's Keepers MC' for their participation and escort into de queen.


2021 Was a year of Hurricane Nicholas. It rained... alot! But we ride Rain or shine... and we rode. The group that came out from texas had rain from the time they left until we started into Mississippi and ARkansas on the 'Ride after the ride'. But when you're riding with good friends, for a good reason, it's still a good ride. And anyway, it's better to be on a motorcycle in the rain than anywhere in a cage. :)

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